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Caroline's is a high powered executive in a demanding job, she has always put her career first and all of her relationships she has felt like the trophy on someone's arm. This is a story about her awakening her innermost desires and the realisation that it is not only a mans world and that women have a huge part to play in it. Her journey starts the day she realises that she is going to take men on at their own game and play by her rules, along with her close friend and personal assistant Elizabeth they set off on a journey that will have you living through all of the actions  from their busy corporate lives and dealing with huge taker overs and mergers to taking you to a new height of sexual desire and strength of mind and character, that once you have put it down no matter whereabouts in the book you are you will sit and re-evaluate how you perceive your own lives and if there is more of Caroline or Elizabeth inside you.


Start living from the masquerade ball through to holiday adventures in Scotland and greek islands to boardroom mutiny’s you will follow her journey and start to realise that there is nothing stopping anyone at all from living their lives on their terms. Its a story of awakening, self-exploration and the desire and fantasy and bravery of a lady to throw out any stereotypical names the society has given anyone and live the way she wants to live without holding back.


Jump on board for a ride that will take you to points off complete ecstasy and personal development from the very first page.

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Caroline' journal the erotic romance book , The wait will soon be over the first book in the series will be available at the end of November so please keep checking back


I would personally like to thank Mikayla for providing all the pictures on this site, my heartfelt thanks goe's out to her, Without her, the site wouldn't look as great as it does
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