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 About The Author

Mr darcy is a creative person who has always written fantasies for people and was persuaded to put it all into a book series, after a few years of research the author put pen to paper and started on a journey that would open up the minds of women for them to realise that not only are they all special but they all have the choice to stand up and be in complete control of their own lives as well as sexual desire.


Mr Darcy has always had a creative flair and with that has always been able to express himself without worrying what others would think as he is aware that everyone has their own opinion and he cherishes each and everyone's feedback.


He is an outgoing guy that likes to live life as much as possible and has experienced a lot of different cultures and has endeavoured to encapsulate as many of them in his writing.


He spends his days walking his dog and taking notes on how people interact so that he can portray it in his writing so that the people that read his books will feel as if they are actually living through the eyes and action of the characters, he dares any lady to read this novel and not live vicariously through one of the main characters.

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