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At first glance, you would think Caroline has it all, successful career, stable relationships, an attractive, independent woman but she wasn’t truly fulfilled. Now it was time for her to explore areas of her life that would test her boundaries, give up some of the power and control to allow her to fulfil her deepest desires.
She wanted to live out her fantasies and this fast become's her main focus, consuming her every thought. Caroline knew how to get what she wanted from her career but could she apply this to her personal life too?
The opening chapter draws you in immediately and the narrative used to set this scene means you can visualise being at the Masquerade Ball yourself. You can feel the build-up, the anticipation and nervousness Caroline is feeling as she finally crosses the line between fantasy and reality as she starts to uncover the sexual fulfilment she has repressed for so long.
The author seems to really understand the struggles modern-day women have, trying to find balance in their lives both emotionally and physically. They recognise that it’s okay for women too have desires too and how to embrace these. This book gives women the ‘green light’ to step away from reality and indulge themselves in areas of their lives they have been reluctant to explore before now.
I can’t wait to find out if Caroline finds the euphoria she has been so desperately seeking all this time and just how she makes her fantasies a reality…

Miss Claire -Rudd


Executive Management and director or human resource and expenditure director 
















Book review 2






Book Review –  S Patrick business development director 


It made a change to read about what a woman desires can be sexually and this was shown and written well within the book, instead of always reading about the man’s needs and wants.  Women do have sexual desires and thoughts and knowing that we can obtain that power that men seem to have over some woman, even if she doesn’t want to admit it herself. It was about time and great that this has been recognised. 
It was a great insight into a woman’s mind, easy reading and I found myself finding it impossible to put down until I knew exactly what happened with the character. It will certainly spice up a lot of women's lives, 50 was good but this is for all women,


Book review 3


Caroline has achieved where most women would struggle in her career CEO and all the opportunities and lifestyle that would accompany such status. You admire her and are drawn to her instantly. But with career success has come an unfulfilled sexual desire.

Then comes the sudden urge to achieve sexual satisfaction and fantasies.

The author's portrayal of her spontaneity and determination compels you to want to find out exactly how she is going to achieve this. Taking her from successful CEO to seeing a vulnerability in her. The author has you completely engaged in her life and seems to perceive the barriers most women have in obtaining sexual satisfaction. 

Caroline and the depiction of her finding that confidence and determination to see her self satisfied is a uniqueness that has been well written and explored. You want to follow with intent to see if Carolines desires are met both physically and mentally, I’m so happy there is going to be five books to this series, Mr Grey eat your heart out Caroline just retired you and is now in control. Ladies if you want to read something we all have been waiting for don’t waste your time reading anything else, this is your number one choice you won’t be able to put it down.


Book viewing 4


Book Review by Rachel Harding-Hall 

Learning Support Assistant in Primary Education and Registered Midwife. 


What a charismatic read! You instantly connect with Caroline and can imagine how she’s had to evolve her tactics and decisions in life to succeed in a male-dominated role and earn respect while doing so. 


A wonderful insight into the female inner monologue we all have in our minds when debating to try something new. The author clearly has an in-depth knowledge of the complex female thought process. 


Knowing Caroline clearly has the ability to command and lead a boardroom makes you instantly nervous but excited for her and I found myself willing her to lose her inhibitions and have the confidence to relinquish some control to fulfil her desires knowing her bucket list contained situations/experiences that still remain very taboo if she were to be discovered. 


Envisioning her at the masquerade ball was easy due to the writer's ability to give you every detail you would notice if you were there yourself. You could imagine her senses and what they felt and thought in those moments which made the read incredibly fluent. 


As the book proceeded, I found myself more and more curious to know what the next 

‘secretive’ adventure would unfold and if Caroline would allow herself to thrive on the adrenaline of being ‘naughty’ when her regular life restricted her in the boundaries of professional etiquette. I wasn’t disappointed. The detailed read of Caroline and Elizabeth together by the pool was a well placed and unexpected surprise. The fact it was written in a more sensual way was indicative of how women probably would be towards each other in that situation and a welcome difference from the description of previous events. 


The chapter regarding the twins was beautifully written as I’m sure many a person won’t of encountered that situation for themselves so would need to rely on the writer's ability to explain every detail and emotion that occurred for each person in the chapter. It is very clear the writer has spent time researching into the world of being a dominant and this shows in his knowledge portrayed in the writing.  


From what I have read so far I am excited to learn where Caroline’s list takes her next and to learn how each experience to follow differs from previous ones and if having experienced her innermost desires, it changes the way she interacts with people in a professional capacity. 


Caroline is a captivating woman for me in this story and the writer has made it very easy to imagine yourself in her shoes and throughout her sexual situations. If Christian Grey was what every guy wishes to be then Caroline will take every woman on an emotional and sensual ride and have them enthralled in her life, I am really looking forward to reading more!



Patricia Randolph 


Patricia Randolph 

Executive beauty products





I am amazed at this author's insight into the inner Psych and sexual desires of a woman. The author's portrayal of Caroline is amazing! The Book Reminds me a bit of Fifty Shades and I loved that, but so much better as Is more about a woman than a guy taking the lead not the lady and there are a total of 5 Books! Like I said I loved fifty shades of grey but it doesn’t really touch on the woman’s desires and what she is like as a person inside and what she fantasised about, her dreams and her aspirations.

Within the first few paragraphs, you find out Caroline is a hugely successful CEO that truly loves her employees as family and knows with respect and compassion comes commitment and loyalty. Caroline is a strong take no shit kind of lady. She is Ruthless and will have you eating out of her hand in the boardroom. She has become extremely successful. To get to where she is though, Caroline has had to sacrifice much of her personal life, Yes she has dated and has had a couple of relationships. Those relationships always left her unfulfilled and wanting. Most women would just settle, but being the strong woman she is, Caroline decides to take matters into her own hands, so she creates a Bucket list which is Filled with tantalizing erotic sexual escapades that most of us women have fantasized about, but have been afraid to express.

The Masquerade ball is one of Caroline’s most desired fantasies. 

The author had my imagination instantly fed. The description of Caroline getting ready for the ball was sensual and erotic and you felt Caroline’s excitement and desire. With each sentence I was drawn deeper into Caroline’s world, feeling what she feels , seeing what she sees. 

The author takes Caroline on a journey of self-discovery, this book will take it to a whole new different level than completely, and you will find yourself going on the same journey and you will live through her eyes and feeling from the very beginning. You won’t be able to help but pick one of the female characters and see yourself in her.

As a woman, I couldn’t help but relate to Caroline. The author's portrayal of Caroline will give women around the globe have the courage to express and explore their desires. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime and one you will never forget. It will change the way you look at your life in business as well as your desire, this is a book every woman needs to read.

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