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Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Rachel Harding-Hall

Learning Support Assistant in Primary Education and Registered Midwife.

What a charismatic read! You instantly connect with Caroline and can imagine how she’s had to evolve her tactics and decisions in life to succeed in a male dominated role and earn respect while doing so.

A wonderful insight into the female inner monologue we all have in our minds when debating to try something new. The author clearly has an in-depth knowledge of the complex female thought process.

Knowing Caroline clearly has the ability to command and lead a boardroom makes you instantly nervous but excited for her and I found myself willing her to lose her inhibitions and have the confidence to relinquish some control to fulfil her desires knowing her bucket list contained situations/experiences that still remain very taboo if she were to be discovered.

Envisioning her at the masquerade ball was easy due to the writers ability to give you every detail you would notice if you were there yourself. You could imagine her senses and what they felt and thought in those moments which made the read incredibly fluent.

As the book proceeded, I found myself more and more curious to know what the next

‘secretive’ adventure would unfold and if Caroline would allow herself to thrive on the adrenaline of being ‘naughty’ when her regular life restricted her in the boundaries of professional etiquette. I wasn’t disappointed. The detailed read of Caroline and Elizabeth together by the pool was a well placed and unexpected surprise. The fact it was written in a more sensual way was indicative of how women probably would be towards each other in that situation and a welcome difference from the description of previous events.

The chapter regarding the twins was beautifully written as I’m sure many a person won’t of encountered that situation for themselves so would need to rely on the writer's ability to explain every detail and emotion that occurred for each person in the chapter. It is very clear the writer has spent time researching into the world of being a dominant and this shows in his knowledge portrayed in the writing.

From what I have read so far I am excited to learn where Caroline’s list takes her next and to learn how each experience to follow differs from previous ones and if having experienced her innermost desires, it changes the way she interacts with people in a professional capacity.

Caroline is a captivating woman for me in this story and the writer has made it very easy to imagine yourself in her shoes and throughout her sexual situations. If Christian Grey was what every guy wishes to be then Caroline will take every woman on an emotional and sensual ride and have them entrawelled in her life , I am really looking forward to reading more!


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