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Updated: Sep 20, 2019

At first glance you would think Caroline has it all, successful career, stable relationships, an attractive, independent woman but she wasn’t truly fulfilled. Now it was time for her to explore areas of her life that would test her boundaries, give up some of the power and control to allow her to fulfil her deepest desires. She wanted to live out her fantasies and this fast becomes her main focus, consuming her every thought. Caroline knew how to get what she wanted from her career but could she apply this to her personal life too? The opening chapter draws you in immediately and the narrative used to set this scene means you can visualise being at the Masquerade Ball yourself. You can feel the build up, the anticipation and nervousness Caroline is feeling as she finally crosses the line between fantasy and reality as she starts to uncover the sexual fulfilment she has repressed for so long. The author seems to really understand the struggles modern day women have, trying to find balance in their lives both emotionally and physically. They recognise that it’s okay for women too have desires too and how to embrace these. This book gives women the ‘green light’ to step away from reality and indulge themselves in areas of their lives they have been reluctant to explore before now. I can’t wait to find out if Caroline finds the euphoria she has been so desperately seeking all this time and just how she makes her fantasies a reality… Miss Claire -Rudd

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